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Contact and Referral

Burke-Little accepts referrals from professionals or recommendations from other families. We generally respond quickly to inquiries and are accommodating for emergencies. The family receives introductory information explaining procedures and costs and can schedule a complimentary call to discuss general information about services.

Applying for Services

A family applies for services with Burke-Little by including their concerns, psychological, educational, and medical information. We review this application and determine how we can best help the client.


Burke-Little begins the process of gathering and compiling information on each client to have a clear understanding of the client’s needs. We conduct an interview with family members and the client (as appropriate) to develop a psycho-social history that includes family dynamics, school experiences and any therapeutic history. We add transcripts, evaluations, and other documentation. We also interview professionals such as therapists, doctors, educators for their insights and arrange for more testing and or counseling if needed.


Using a holistic picture of the client which includes educational history, strengths, problems and struggles, family dynamics, personality style, goals and interests, we research schools and programs to determine a list of possible choices. We determine admissibility of the client as well as availability by speaking to Admissions Directors and other Staff.


In partnership with the family and client, we present a list of schools or programs and provide a comparison based on location, philosophies, staff, facilities, clinical and educational programs. We assist the family in making a decision and in completing applications. We provide support with admissions procedures and logistical arrangements.

Monitoring and Support

We continue to be a part of the team in support of the client and family by receiving updates from the therapist as well as grades and other reports. We advocate on the client’s behalf. As the client moves towards the transition, we work closely to assist with planning.


We encourage clients to come as they are. At Burke-Little & Associates we are proud to provide services to individuals of all identities and backgrounds. 

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