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What We Do

Therapeutic and Educational Placements

  • Our mission and passion are to help your family find and engage with the best level of care and treatment options available to meet the unique needs of your young person.

  • We know that determining the most appropriate boarding school, wilderness program, treatment center, or young adult transition is a complex task and oftentimes seems overwhelming to a parent or client.

  • We will partner with you throughout the process through assessment, selection and transition to help you make thoughtful, well-informed decisions.

  • We use principles of developmental psychology to understand the growth of young people intellectually, socially, psychosexually, and physically. It is critical especially when working with young people to assess their developmental maturity in determining appropriate educational and therapeutic options.

  • We are progressive, yet very careful and methodical  about every one of our placement recommendations always using up-to-date research and looking for schools and programs that maintain integrity and quality of service.

  • We have visited hundreds of schools and programs throughout the country and abroad and have developed relationships with educators, therapists and other professionals.

  • We consider the following options when considering the best-fit:

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For the child, middle schooler, or adolescent we might use one or more of the following:

Traditional Boarding School

Specialized Boarding School

Therapeutic Boarding School

Nomadic or Expedition Wilderness Therapy Program

Outdoor Assessment and Therapeutic Program

Diagnostic Assessment Program

Residential Treatment Center

Specialized Treatment Center for Addiction, Eating Disorders, or Psychiatric Disorders

For the young adults in interventions, treatment and recovery, independent living, educational and career support we might use any of the following:
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Therapeutic Outdoor Program

Outdoor Assessment and Therapeutic Program

Residential Treatment

Hospitalization for Special Services such as 
Detox or Psychiatric Support

Young Adult Transition, Including Recovery

Specialized College Including Recovery and Sober Living

Independent Living and Vocational Program

For the child, adolescent or young adult transitioning back home or to college we offer the following services:

Transition planning

Collaboration with local resources and whole-family support to help integrate the changes from treatment and the move forward

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“My husband and I are are eternally grateful for you. You were the force behind our son’s healing and getting our family back. We don’t ever take our great fortune in finding you for granted!”

Parents of an adolescent

We encourage clients to come as they are. At Burke-Little & Associates we are proud to provide services to individuals of all identities and backgrounds. 

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