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Legs in Jeans

Whom We Support

  • When families reach out to Burke-Little they generally have problems involving their young person and are looking for therapeutic and/or educational solutions that their home community does not provide.

  • We understand families may have spent countless emotionally charged, anxiety-provoking hours trying to determine how best to help their loved one and oftentimes find themselves in a crisis situation.

  • We are here to understand the unique needs of your family and your 8-10 year old child, middle schooler, adolescent, 14-17 years old, 17-18 years old, or young adult 18-30 years old. 

  • The reasons why a family engages the services of Burke-Little may include one or more of the following (co-occurring issues):

We encourage clients to come as they are. At Burke-Little & Associates we are proud to provide services to individuals of all identities and backgrounds. 

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