Burke-Little & Associates, Inc. is an independent consulting firm that provides educationally and clinically informed and highly customized treatment solutions for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Dr. Milton Little founded the practice in 1996 in Durham, North Carolina honoring his father John Yount Little and his mother Mary Neile Burke in the naming.  He later added the offices of Richmond, Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee to better serve the needs of families in the Southeast.


“You seem to wear your huge heart on your sleeve and it is always a pleasure to be connected to people with that ability.” 

-Admissions Director from Addiction Program

Dr. Little is an eight generation North Carolinian and began his career working in a boarding school as a teacher, dorm parent and academic dean.  As a classroom social studies teacher, he was a part of a pioneer program working with dyslexic students under the direction of Dr. Lucia R. Karnes. He continued his work in independent schools as a headmaster of a day school and later was the founding headmaster of an independent day school. Dr. Little also worked in the North Carolina public schools and remains licensed in social sciences, special education, school administration and supervision, and French.


Dr. Little earned a Non-Profit Management Degree from Duke University. He later earned a Ph.D. in Psychology and holds degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Appalachian State University, and American University. Dr. Little received a fellowship in Curriculum Design from Johns Hopkins University.